Nursery Stock

Nursery Stock – Available all Year

Potted Trees

We offer potted Evergreens in a variety of sizes ranging from 1 – 7 Gallon pots.

  • Leyland Cypress – Fast growing trees used for property lines and privacy hedges
  • Green Giant – Grows 20-40 feet tall and 12-20 feet wide.  Grows 3-5 feet each year
  • Emerald Green Arborvitae – Fast growing to be tall and slender.  Rich green color
  • Elegantissima Trees – Beautiful medium speed growth property border, hedge row, and wind break
  • Nellie Stevens Hollies – Will pollinate off of any male within a two mile radius and will grow tall like a tree, with up to 2 feet of growth per year.
  • China Girl & China Boy Hollies – Must purchase in pairs for pollination.  Bushy hedge row type of holly
  • White Pine – Fastest growing Christmas tree
  • Norway Spruce – Fastest growing from the Spruce family
  • Blue Spruce – Popular Evergreen that grows slowly

We also carry Evergreens in larger sizes that are Balled & Bur-lapped (B&B) , 3 – 6 foot tall, ready for planting.  Note that the larger B&B trees are 150 – 300 pounds and can not be transported in a car. 

3-6 foot tall

All potted plants are available all year for sale.  Large orders of 20 or more trees or B&B trees can be delivered.  Please call before coming to the farm to make sure we are available.